Holiday Rental

in Istanbul


A day in the shoes of a «Stambouliote»


The Stambouliote flat is the perfect way to discover and to visit Istanbul. For families, groups of friends or collegues, or a romantic escape, it offers all the comfort of a pleasant and spacious home while saving money!

A place which gives all the space to change your mind, to have a break, to get inspired and to rejuvenate.

A 3 bedroom flat of 135 sqm (approx 1450 sqf) with high ceilings, king size living room, in a Levantine building constructed in the late nineteenth under the Ottoman Empire period, right in the center of the historcal town, close to all major means of transportation... a site so «strategicly located» that a tower was built right there in 1348 to observe the city at the place of a headlight constructed in 507! The Galata tower is today a symbol of Istanbul and a major landmark. This is how central it is located.

With such a position, your time won’t be waisted and you will getting the most efficiency out of the biggest city of Europe !

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A «Stambouliote», in French, means «inhabitant of Istanbul» The stay I am proposing you is somewhat a little different more authentic.

Here, you will share a life experience in all simplicity among other occupants of a tipical and historical building. They will become your neighbours for a short while. You will be in immersion with the reality of the town becoming part of the mosaic it has always been.